Mongolian Beef Recipe

In the wake of marinating, this Easy Mongolian Beef recipe critique  takes under 30 minutes through and through! This Mongolian Beef Recipe is insane simple, brimming with flavor, and is SO significantly more beneficial than take-out since we avoid the singing!

You folks. The day I made this Easy Mongolian Beef Recipe, I was kiiiiind of having an awful day. I’m almost certain I was experiencing a serious instance of Spring Fever.The snow had at long last begun softening, the sun was out, Trevor had been debilitated all week, and we’d been stuck inside the condo working, working, and working some more.

Trevor gotten on to my very unobtrusive anxious ness and recommended we escape the house, go for a walk, and snatch a margarita in transit home.

You folks. I wedded a virtuoso.

It was JUST what I required.

I returned home with a recharged feeling of vitality and made this Easy Mongolian Beef.

Truly, in the wake of making this Mongolian Beef, I likely didn’t require the walk and the margarita.

Better believe it. It’s quite recently that great.

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