chocolate from Barry

Economical chocolate from Barry Callebaut

Our pralines are made only with quality chocolate from Barry Callebaut. For full and predictable flavor, we utilize just economically developed single-root cocoa from Ivory Coast.

To enable that full flavor to build up, our cocoa beans experience a 100% common, naturally animated maturation process at the manor.

On account of our inclusion in the Barry Callebaut Cocoa Horizon quality program, private label chocolate manufacturers we are certain to have the best and most reasonably developed cocoa available to us. Inside this program, the cocoa agriculturists get reasonable costs for their work, and neighborhood social causes get the vital help.

Hoeveelheid Pralines

Aa Brc Certific

Top-level ‘AA’ rating from BRC

For a long time we have held BRC confirmation with AA rating – a definitive evidence of our quality. Just sustenance organizations that meet the most noteworthy measures of nourishment wellbeing, quality and cleanliness get this rating. Every one of these criteria are checked by free reviews.

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